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Donna Ida case study

Doubling Donna Ida's web traffic & organic online revenue in 8 weeks.

How we did it
How we did it
The brief

Donna Ida relied heavily on Instagram and wanted to match this traffic organically online.

Our client, Donna Ida, is a designer denim brand that was founded by 'jean Queen' Donna Ida Thornton in 2010. Now a global brand, Donna Ida began making waves on Instagram which became the primary marketing channel for sales. The pandemic however slowed sales as more and more brands started using Instagram to sell fashion. 

It was in 2022 that the Donna Ida marketing team knew they had to step up in the SEO world. This is where Monday Clicks came in! We could clearly see that the brand's website had not been optimised for search and that there was huge potential to dramatically increase organic web traffic - and revenue - with an SEO strategy. Demonstrating the opportunity to Donna Ida got us hired, and we're still working as an extension of the in-house marketing team today. 

Increase in web traffic.
Monthly organic traffic.
Increase in organic revenue.
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What we did

Keyword strategy, SEO-optimisation and in-house SEO training.

Donna Ida had never taken part in SEO before, so we started right at the very beginning - with a keyword strategy. Researching what customers were looking for and how competitors were gaining their traffic, we developed a keyword strategy that matched what was on offer, but that also had large search volumes to ensure we really made a monumental difference to web traffic and revenue.

Once the keyword strategy had been developed, our team then implemented it into the Donna Ida website using on-page SEO techniques, including updating copy, meta titles, URLs and alt image text. We also ran an SEO training course with the in-house team to give them the tools to confidently upload collections in line with the new SEO strategy.

The results.

Double the amount of users, resulting in a 65% uplift in revenue.

In just 8 weeks, we took Donna Ida's organic web traffic from 12,000 to 27,000 users. Since then we have increased the web traffic even more through our ongoing SEO Management package; the brand now sees on average 38,000 users on their website every single month.

Not only does Donna Ida see more activity on its website, the brand has also increased its organic traffic revenue by 65%. This means the business is not so reliant on Instagram to be the primary channel for sales, and the SEO-optimisation of the site has enabled growth from other countries, with the US becoming a fast-growth area for the brand.

Off page SEO
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