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Area case study 1

Ranking Area at #1 in the laboratory design industry.

How we did it
How we did it
The brief

Increasing authority in the laboratory design space.

Area is a highly-talented team of designers specialising in creating future-proof and desirable workspaces. Following the laboratory boom during and post-pandemic, Area wanted to raise its profile in the laboratory industry and be seen as the company who could transform labs into effective, sustainable and desirable places to be.

The company has had a lot of success with its downloadable guides in the past, which is why this was an essential asset for the project. Monday Clicks also recommended creating SEO-driven blogs to accompany the guide to attract even more attention to the asset - and drive even more leads.

Ranking for all SEO-driven content.
Guide web hits.
Mins engagement time from readers.
Area case study 3
Area case study 2
What we did

Downloadable Guide & SEO-driven blog posts.

We needed an evergreen asset that Area's marketing and sales team could share with clients and prospect clients. Which is why we created the Laboratory & Clinical Environments Guide that gave industry professionals insight into what makes a state-of-the-art lab with examples and inspirational stories.

Because this was an industry where Area needed to raise their awareness, we proposed a series of SEO-driven blogs, placing the business at the top of search engines for a variety of queries that would be of interest to prospects, including 'A lab design checklist', 'Laboratory design trends' and 'How to build a future-proof laboratory'.

The results.

Number #1 rankings, 1k web views & 4+ minutes engagement time.

In just a few weeks, Area's Laboratory & Clinical Environments Guide had received 1k web hits, with readers engaging with its SEO-driven content for an average of over 4 minutes.

Every single SEO-driven piece of content also ranked at #1 (and still does) which means the blogs continue to drive quality traffic to Area's website every single day. The Lab Design Checklist also holds the top featured snippet - the Holy Grail in the SEO world!

Area case study 6
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