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SEO link building services that get your website to the top of search engines.

A good SEO strategy must include a high-quality backlink strategy.

We're a SEO link-building agency with a team of SEO experts that develop and implement a link-building strategy that will improve your backlink portfolio, boost your website's search engine rankings for target keywords and increase traffic to your website.

We only provide high-quality links, from relevant sites which are authoritative websites that have a low or no spam score. Meaning search engines will rank your website higher, and secure your website domain authority, putting you in front of potential customers and most importantly, placing you above your competitors.


A link-building agency integrated into your business.

We believe even the best SEO link-building strategy, without integration into your core business, is not worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why our team of SEO experts immerse themselves in your business to discover the relevant websites for you, that not only rank you higher on search engines but bring you more organic traffic from your target audience. There’s no link-building, for link-building sake here.

How it works

Our link-building (backlink) services.

A one-size fits all link-building strategy does not exist today, which is why all of our link-building services are tailor made for our clients. This makes our backlink services more successful than any ready-made online tool, which means you’ll see a better return on investment.

When compiling your backlink strategy we consider placements including contextual links, citations, geo-tagging, guest blogs, social media links, and more. We also have a team of digital PR gurus who support campaigns with digital publication coverage to generate credible and high-authority backlinks.

Why Monday Clicks?

Benefits of working with Monday Clicks

Some friends we’ve made along the way

Working as an extension of your own internal marketing team, our SEO Agency becomes the digital marketing expert you can lean on to increase your website's traffic, make customers engage with your content, and turn your website into a profitable sales-driving machine. Here are just some of the brands we're working with.

Backlink FAQs

It all starts with a backlink audit to discover what your backlink portfolio looks like. We then move on to a competitor audit to see where your competition gains their backlinks from. Using this information we start to build your backlink strategy to boost your overall site, plus your highest-converting pages, to ensure every backlink move you make sees a big difference. Backlink activity may include performing manual outreach to high-authority websites, creating quality content such as guest posts with high-quality links, or a digital PR campaign, to name a few.

If we break it down, inbound links (or backlinks) come from an external site "inbound" to yours. Outbound links are those that start on your website and travel out to another external site. The more high-quality inbound links you can acquire, the more authority you have with Google and other search engines, which in turn means they rank your web pages higher. 

Backlinks are a way to show search engines that you are reputable, it's like the word-of-mouth of online marketing. For example, if your website has a blog post with high-quality content. Mentioning and providing high-quality backlinks to this blog post will show Google that you are a trustworthy source for that subject (and therefore you'll improve your domain authority, rankings and web traffic).

100%, yes. High-quality backlinks from reputable websites are key link-building tactics that will of course have an impact on the success of your link-building campaign and therefore domain authority, increasing your organic traffic. Poor-quality links won’t make much of a difference to your rankings and can end up giving you a high spam score. Something you really want to avoid!

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