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Product Descriptions

SEO-optimised product descriptions for ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce is a cut-throat business. And in a crowded market place it can be tricky to stand out and get noticed. Not all online businesses invest in SEO-optimising their products, however if you take this step it can increase the visibility of your products online ten-fold.

Our ecommerce clients come to us looking for guidance. Using our SEO-skills we take their products, optimise each product, and almost immediately they see an increase in web traffic. Don't worry about alienating your customers with any SEO-spiel, as all product descriptions are written with a rule of customer first, search engines second.

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Ranking your products at the top of search engines.

Are you dreaming of your products ranking at the top of search engines and taking the lion's share of online traffic? Well, this is 100% possible using our skills and knowledge. Not only do our copywriters create engaging product descriptions giving customers all the information need, but we use SEO expertise to ensure search engines notice your content too. We then work alongside our SEO team who develop and implement a search-engine strategy to get your products to the number 1 spot.

How it works

Copywriters and SEO experts working as one team.

It's rare to find product description copywriters who have an SEO team working alongside them. But in today's digital-world it's crucial that online content is written so it can be found by customers. We either work to your own-developed keyword strategy, or we create one for you. Our team then go away and optimise your entire product portfolio to increase your online visibility and web traffic - ultimately increasing your revenue.

Here are some of the steps we may take with your project.

Why Monday Clicks?

Benefits of hiring Monday Clicks.

Some friends we’ve made along the way.

Working as an extension of your own internal marketing team, our SEO & Copywriting Agency becomes the digital marketing expert you can lean on to increase your website's traffic, make customers engage with your content, and turn your website into a profitable sales-driving machine. 

Here are just some of the brands we're working with.

Product Descriptions FAQs.

If you don't optimise your product descriptions for SEO it means that search engines won't find them. And if search engines don't find them, you won't generate any organic web traffic to these pages. All ecommerce stores should have SEO in place. Without it, it's like having a store on a high-street that's hidden down an alley with no signage to it.

Ideally, yes. If you sell a lot of products then at minimum it's important to optimise your main product category pages i.e. bags, jeans, dresses etc. However, if you optimise all your products, no matter how long your keywords get, it means when a customer finds you online the conversion rate is higher as you'll be giving them exactly what they're looking for.

The first step is to develop a keyword strategy and have a working-in-progress sheet where your keywords and optimised copy is recorded. This is especially crucial if you have a lot of items, as then you stand a lower chance of cannabilising your SEO efforts. Next we optimise your copy writing the main copy, headings, meta titles, meta descriptions, URL slugs and alt image and video text. All of these elements are what 'talk' to search engines and therefore help them to find you. Finally, we report on the results, including showing you rankings, visibility, traffic, conversions and revenue.

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