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Technical SEO

Look after your website and it'll look after you.

Technical SEO is often a service that is overlooked. Website's need constant technical management to ensure they perform well for customers and search engines. Our monthly technical SEO packages test your site's speed, crawlability, check and fix broken links, look out for keyword cannibalisation and also check your contact forms and shopping carts. All elements that are crucial to the overall performance of your SEO, web traffic and leads.

If you're looking for support with a website migration then our SEO tech team have decades of experience in this field to ensure your website relaunch goes to plan without any hiccups or dip in rankings.


Technical SEO that makes sure your customer journey is seamless.

We bet you have gone to buy a product or service online and become frustrated when the website's speed was too low or a link didn't take you to where you wanted to go. And what did you do in this situation? Our bet is you gave up and found what you were looking for elsewhere. 

This is where our technical SEO services step up to make sure this doesn't happen and your customers get a seamless and effortless experience which means more sales for you.

How it works

Our technical SEO team work as an extension of your in-house team.

You may have a website team that requires more technical skills or support to help maintain your site. Or you may outsource your web development, but would like someone to maintain your site on a day by day basis without huge web development agency costs. Whatever your reason, we'll assign you a technical SEO team member to look after your site and take the job completely off your hands. Tell us your goals and objectives for your SEO and we'll make sure we meet them in a hassle-free way.

All our technical SEO management packages are bespoke, but here are a few steps we may take when looking after your website.

Why Monday Clicks?

Benefits of hiring Monday Clicks

Some friends we’ve made along the way.

Working as an extension of your own internal marketing team, our SEO Agency becomes the digital marketing expert you can lean on to increase your website's traffic, make customers engage with your content, and turn your website into a profitable sales-driving machine. 

Here are just some of the brands we're working with.

Technical SEO FAQs.

There are three types of SEO: on-page (all to do with your content), off-page (this is where backlinks come in) and technical SEO (which is all about how your site functions for customers and search engines).

Technical SEO is mainly about improving the back end of your website, considering elements such as site speed, broken links (and therefore broken user journeys), crawlability, keyword cannibalisation, indexing, and lots more!

Not investing in technical SEO is like having a car without an MOT or mechanic. While your website (or car!) might look pretty on the outside, if it's not working under the bonnet then it's never going to perform. Think of it as website maintenance that makes sure customers can use your website with no hiccups, and search engines can crawl your website easily. Good crawlability with no broken links impresses search engines, giving you an SEO tick which helps score good ranking results.

The rule of thumb is that you should spend a minimum of 5%-10% of your revenue on SEO. However, every website is of course different and will require varying levels of support. Get in touch today for a FREE SEO consultation and we can give you a quote based on the services you need.

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