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Product descriptions for Musto

SEO-optimised product descriptions for Musto.

How we did it
How we did it
The brief

Musto's required copywriters who could make product descriptions shine, as well as be found through search.

Sailing brand Musto, owned by Helly Hansen, approached Monday Clicks because they knew we had a great team of copywriters who understood SEO. The in-house marketing team at Musto launch two seasonal collections every year, with each collection reaching anywhere up to 100 items.

As a stretched marketing team around launch dates, the Musto colleagues needed reliable and hard-working copywriters that they could lean on to produce technical product copy in a short timeframe. Each product description requires an online lens as well as a marketing brochure lens to ensure copy resonates online and in print. And of course, it's crucial that all content is optimised for search engines too.

Product descriptions
Read by 100k+ customers
Turned around in just 7 days.
Musto product descriptions
Musto product descriptions 1
What we did

Product briefing, keyword research, and crafting compelling copy.

Our aim is to always work as an extension of our clients' in-house marketing team, which is why we headed straight to Musto's offices to immerse ourselves in the popular sailing brand. Not only did we get hands on with the products, but we also got to know the people that worked there and listened to many adventurous sailing stories.

The next step was to attend the technical product briefing with the product designers. Once we had gathered all of the details and conducted our research, it was time to consider the right keywords for each item - being careful not to cannibalise other product copy efforts. Our copywriters got to work on crafting the copy to make each product shine, keeping in line with the brand's tone of voice, and ensuring each description was written with the customer at the forefront.

The results.

Over 100 product descriptions to aid a successful seasonal launch.

In just under two weeks, our team produced up to 100 product descriptions for Musto's website and marketing brochures. The feedback was extremely positive, with very minor amends.

Since our first project with Musto, our team has since provided product descriptions for two more seasonal collections and we continue to work together on a long-term partnership supporting the marketing team around busy launch periods.

Musto product descriptions 4
Musto product descriptions 5
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