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About Us

It's rare to find an agency that can handle your copy and your SEO.

There are plenty of copywriting agencies and there are bundles of SEO agencies. But one agency that does both? That's rare to find! 

In today's world there's no point putting content out there for customers if it can't be found. Which is why we have a team of talented copywriters and a team of skilled SEO-experts working as one. 

It means we can support you with your content needs and make sure it's set up to drive traffic using search engine optimisation techniques. Alternatively, if you want us to manage your SEO then you have immediate access to copywriters to optimise your web page content and boost you up the ranks.

Check out our work
Check out our work
Who we are

A modern approach to SEO and digital marketing.

Our mission is to take the jargon out of SEO and make it more accessible and easy-to-understand for businesses. We've seen many SEO agencies hand over reports filled with numbers that clients don't have the time or knowledge to divulge. 

We have a completely modern approach to SEO. No numbers, no terms you don't understand, and no keyword stuffing.

Using a variety of techniques such as SEO-copywriting, website conversion actions, technical SEO and backlink-building, our ambition is always to get you to number #1 on Google. And we promise won't stop until we do!

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About Us

Our story so far

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Our story so far.

How we came about is a simple story with a simple mission. Founded by Abbie Dando, Monday Clicks was created from a frustration of SEO jargon, meaning that businesses often shy away from investing in the activity because it’s misunderstood. 

Our ultimate aim is to show businesses how optimising online content and web pages for search engines - as well as customers - can grow your website's traffic ten-fold, almost overnight.

Because we always want to help clients 'complete the circle' to make sure their website generates revenue, we have an SEO team that boosts you up the ranks and a website conversion team that makes sure your clicks turn into sales.

Monday Clicks

Why are we called Monday Clicks?

Did you know most people who are likely to make a purchase conduct online searches on a Monday? In fact, most websites see a 20% increase of web traffic on a Monday. Plus, conversion rate is 6% higher than any other day of the week.  There really is something to be said for manic Monday! Our aim is to make every day for your business a Monday Clicks day. Cheesy or genius? You decide.

Some friends we’ve made along the way.

Working as an extension of your own internal marketing team, our SEO Agency becomes the digital marketing expert you can lean on to increase your website's traffic, make customers engage with your content, and turn your website into a profitable sales-driving machine. 

Here are just some of the brands we're working with.

Get in touch to see how our SEO & Copywriting company can increase your website's traffic, customer engagement, and online sales.

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