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Content Writer

Tracey Warmington

Tracey has over two decades in marketing, starting life as a press officer. With a whole host of experience working with big brands, such as Travelodge, Dylon, and Poundland, Tracey brings a B2C and retail lens to Monday Clicks' marketing strategies and content.

More about Tracey
More about Tracey
Q&A with Tracey.

How did you get into digital marketing/copywriting?

It all started with PR which organically took me on a copywriting and social media pathway. I always enjoyed the media part of PR but it was always the writing that felt much more natural.

What's the best thing about your job?

Working on a range of clients. Having the opportunity to become immersed in a variety of sectors, products and businesses keeps my job interesting. Every brief is different and requires its own tone of voice. That’s pretty cool, and makes every day interesting!

Is there a highlight in your career so far?

Helping a hospice tell its story to the local community. Using words and storytelling to debunk the myths of end of life care was a meaningful and inspiring brief to work on.

What's your favourite aspect about working at Monday Clicks?

Being part of a team that are all based remotely, yet work so seamlessly together is fantastic. We’re all here to achieve the objectives of the client efficiently and effectively, and we do. It’s like a puzzle that just fits together perfectly! Reconnecting with former colleagues is also a bonus!

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