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Adam Pritchard 2
Website Conversion Specialist

Adam Pritchard

Adam has an extensive amount of experience improving businesses conversion rates. He enjoys the process so much that it inspired him to launch his own ecommerce platform, Shopit. When Adam's not building his own website, he's helping our clients perfect their own user journeys to ensure a high return on investment.

More about Adam.
More about Adam.
Q&A with Adam.

How did you get into digital marketing?

After several sales focussed roles in my early twenties, I sat down with a blank piece of paper and listed what I wanted to do with my career in order to be happy. Remembering I loved writing and publishing magazines on computers when I was at school (CorelDraw anyone?), I realised that digital media - and later digital marketing - was where my heart lay. My understanding of sales also means I love the granularity and proof of origination that comes with the technical side of digital marketing - buzzing from learning that £x led to £y revenue.

What's the best thing about your job?

Deep diving. Somehow this water cooler salesman became a data addict. In past agency's I have run, data began to decide subjective arguments and helped produce some incredible project results. Which is all that matters really.

Is there a highlight in your career so far?

The biggest client highlight has to be a rags to riches story. My deep dive analytics completely about-turned a failing insurance company within a year, which then sold for £32m. I made someone else a packet of money! More personally, it's been showing the versatility and resilience to be my own boss of 2 companies - with all that the economy and life throws at us.

What's your favourite aspect about working at Monday Clicks?

The flexibility of both the work day itself and the role, meeting the client challenges head on with vigour, and absolutely the people. Abbie has a built a team of intriguing, funny, committed people want to do well.


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