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Driving 57,000 web hits through blog content alone.

How we did it
How we did it
The brief

Blackhawk Network needed more web traffic - but not just any kind of traffic.

Our client, Blackhawk Network (BHN), is a global leader in the gift card industry. Helping businesses reward and incentivise employees, and brands acquire and retain loyal customers, is the main driver of its business. It's a competitive industry, therefore they have to always be at the top of their game.

The EMEA team had inherited a US-driven website which wasn't getting the cut-through the business needed. Enter, Monday Clicks! We were challenged to drive more traffic to the website. But not just any traffic that you can capture through PPC, they needed high-quality traffic from HR Directors and Marketing Directors looking for solutions to their problems. 

Web hits in 12-months.
Minutes (av. time users spent on page).
#1 rankings on Google.
Blackhawk Network blog traffic
Blackhawk Network blog
What we did

Keyword research, blog strategy and blog content creation.

Our team specialises in creating and fulfilling blog strategies that attract the attention of target customers. We always say that most blog platforms are an underutilised marketing source! Kicking off with keyword research our team discovered what BHN's target customers were searching for day-in-day out. This information enabled us to develop a blog strategy and plan that would raise BHN's brand awareness  and enable the business to engage with prospects; therefore when the time was right for these potential customers to make buying decisions, BHN was always top of mind.

Across a 12-month period, our team of talented SEO-copywriters, created valuable and insightful content that ranked at the top of Google and other search engines, increasing brand awareness and clicks. We also implemented Audio Blogs which enabled prospects to listen to the content while they were on the move or multi-tasking.

The results.

Placing BHN at #1 on Google and driving high-quality web traffic every single month.

Across 12-months our content not only drove 57,000 web hits, but users were staying and reading our content for an average of 5 minutes! Our Audio Blogs kept prospects engaged for over 10 minutes. BHN was so pleased with the results that we are now working together on an SEO strategy for the main website.

With no SEO-strategy for the main website, BHN was missing out on organic web traffic and online brand awareness. Over 90% of our SEO-driven blogs gained the #1 spot, and many hold featured snippets. Not only were these blogs gaining BHN monthly web traffic, they were (and still are) raising the brand's awareness in the crowded and competitive marketplace.

Off page SEO
Blackhawk Network blog traffic 6
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