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Local seo for local architect firm

The power of local SEO: Doubling high-quality leads and online traffic for architecture firm

How we did it
How we did it
The brief

Better quality leads and higher conversion rates using search

Philip Wadge Architecture is a highly-regarded architecture firm based in Newbury, Berkshire. The business however had a rebrand in 2023 with an aim to attract higher-value clients looking for larger renovation projects. 

While the company had historically experienced a high level of leads coming through its website, the type of leads no longer matched up to the company's target customer profile and were therefore redundant.

Alongside a rebrand and new website design handled by another agency, Monday Clicks was hired for our SEO knowledge and copywriting skills to help Philip Wadge Architecture attract quality leads and increase conversion rates from affluent homeowners looking to renovate and expand their properties.

Ranking in affluent towns and villages
Increase in organic traffic
More qualified leads
Philip wadge architecture firm
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What we did

Localised landing pages and keyword strategy implementation

Philip Wadge Architecture's previous website didn't have a robust keyword strategy in place, therefore the very first thing our team did was research and collect data on the types of queries its target customers were putting into Google. 

This initial research enabled us to identify what search terms the website needed to rank for and formed the type of content our SEO copywriters needed to create in order to convince affluent homeowners looking to extend their home that Philip Wadge was the architect firm for them.

We also knew that to enable Philip Wadge Architecture to attract customers living in specific villages and towns it was essential to have localised landing pages that not only speak directly to customers living in those areas, but also tells Google to rank the business in those postcodes.

Working alongside the architecture firm's website design agency, we created localised content for new landing pages across Ascot, Sunningdale, Henley and Pangbourne (to name a few), optimising the URL slugs, meta titles and descriptions, images and body copy.

The results.

Number #1 rankings, 50% increase in web traffic & 50% increase in high-quality leads

In just two months our work doubled the volume of organic traffic to the architecture firm's website, with the business confirming that the leads were of a good quality and on target with the business's new ideal customer profile.

The localised pages have also enabled Philip Wadge Architecture to expand its business's reach outside of the HQ's immediate area, attracting affluent homeowners in affluent postcodes that it struggled to previously reach organically.

Not only has this activity increased the architecture firm's brand awareness in very specific areas, but it means the business has also been able to reduce its PPC spend and is now getting a better ROI on its digital marketing spend.

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